A horse is a mammal that has a long and close association with humanity. Some experts believe that domestic horses were friends and companions to asian nomads 3000 years ago.

Having an understanding and respect for horses makes a big difference when it comes to training. While there is a basic framework for breaking a horse or training a pony, we take into account horses have different personalities. This ensures the best training and results.

Most formal training starts at about two years old. However trainers recommend that they begin socializing with humans very early. The younger the better. For that reason, hand feeding them while other people are present and in varying locations is helpful.

There are many horses in need. Envision a feed lot where some horses have been made to live a bone bare existence. Now envision horse lovers with a passion creating a sanctuary, a refuge, and a retirement heaven for those horses. Where not only do the horses live, but they fourish. That is what your tax deductible donations and membership fees provide. Litterally, life for some of man's greatest helpers. You can nurture the dream by becoming a member today.

There is plenty of pasture, space for riding and roaming, and comfortable boarding stalls. You'll be happy to know horses under your care get plenty of attention and exceptional care.

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