Passion in Horse Country


Since opening the Horse Club, it has been our pleasure and mission to provide a secure and welcoming environment for horses in need. We provide information and training for people wanting to learn more about equestrian care. From training and care of young horses, to grooming and daily attention, we make sure the food, shelter, and protection received is delivered with love.  As a member, you will be part of the equestrian life and a true horse lover.

The cornerstone of our club is communication. It's taken a long time for us to become experts at communicating with horses. However, knowing comes through caring, which allows us to help others build relationships with horses. Learn how to speak their language through caring, and be a horseman or horsewoman. Learn to speak horse-can, the language of horses.

Yes, Horses get passionate too!

Housing and Exercise

Horses isolated in box stalls can develop behavioral problems from lack of companionship, exercise, and mental stimulation. Wherever possible, horses should be outside with other horses every day. We strive to povide the stimulation and companionship whenever possible.

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RELATING TO HORSES is one of the things we do here at the horse club. It is something we believe in and teach members to do.