With plenty of love, care and comfortable boarding stalls, you will be happy to know the horses under your care get plenty of attention and watchful keeping.




The Horse Club Foundation represents the passion horse lovers have for the care and maintenance of our greatest helpers.  A passion for horses is at the core of our work and is the basis of our existence. Providing for their general health and welfare with pasture, comfortable stalls and paddocks, including space for roaming are factors in the contentment of our horse population. As a privately funded 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, the Horse Club Foundation is pleased to pursue its mission of expanding health and welfare  of horses. Private individuals, businesses, and grantors support the Horse Club mission through tax-deductible grants and donations.

Members of the Horse Club pursue the mission to expand horse welfare by joining the club.  A donation in any amount makes you a member. Through our adopt a horse program, you may provide for one horse, several horses, or participate in the provision of one horse by supplying part of the funds required. Your membership makes you a participant and provider of health and happiness of your horses.  Become a Horse Club member today, be part of our great American horse culture, be a "Horse Lover!"


The Horse Club

Horse  Sanctuary, Refuge, and Retirement Heaven


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Sanctuary, Refuge & Retirement


Your Horse Club features the Pony Express for our younger members. Ponies are welcome as are smaller horsemen and horsewomen.